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How digital tools enhance early childhood education and care in Lahti

The Finnish city of Lahti is an excellent example of how embracing technology and digital tools, alongside support and guidance, can enhance the quality and efficiency of early childhood education

Jakob Henriksson

Product Marketing for Education

Lahti’s early childcare sector has collaborated with Tietoevry for over three decades, integrating various solutions. As the ninth-largest city in Finland, they now host a substantial user base for the Edlevo system they’re currently transitioning to.

“Currently, we have approximately 700 users among our staff. Additionally, an estimated 3,500 children receive early childcare services in Lahti, and when we consider all parents and substitute families, at least 7,000 residents could potentially use Edlevo,” says Suvi Ruusunen, Service Manager for Early Childhood Education and Care in Lahti.

Streamlining Basic Tasks

Edlevo offers various functionalities to support early childcare and education. This versatile system serves multiple purposes, such as tracking children’s attendance, identifying substitute staffing requirements, overseeing care hours and handling food orders.

Moreover, parents and guardians can use it to secure placements for their children in early childhood education and childcare programs, respond to permit and survey requests, and report care hours and absences, simplifying the essential tasks involved in childcare management.

“Edlevo significantly streamlines our daily routines. We’ve eliminated redundant steps and have access to consolidated data. We can also send notices and communicate about our activities through the platform,” Ruusunen explains.

Numerous Forms of Support and Assistance

The implementation of Edlevo has ushered in transformations for the staff and clients of Lahti’s early childcare education system. Embracing new technology and digital resources has required a spirit of openness. Nevertheless, support and assistance are easily accessible from various sources. Training and guidance are offered to all users, and the city also employs three digital instructors who aid in processes such as implementation.

Ruusunen explains that they provide various guidelines and instructional videos: “Parents and guardians can also seek help from our personnel. Our staff, in turn, receive assistance from designated users and digital instructors. If more complex issues arise, we can always turn to Tietoevry. We want users to derive maximum benefits from Edlevo without unnecessary hassle.”

Collaborative Development

The partnership between the city of Lahti and Tietoevry is an ongoing joint development process. Lahti has had the opportunity to influence the development of Edlevo and provide feedback on the system’s functionality.

Additionally, the city has participated in various focus and advisory groups to brainstorm how the system can better meet user needs. Tietoevry has also organized regular follow-up meetings to address any concerns.

“I appreciate that we’ve been able to influence the system’s functionality during the development phases. It’s also reassuring that the adoption of systems has been postponed if any deficiencies were detected. Incomplete or malfunctioning systems would cause significant frustration in the field,” Ruusunen states.

She praises Tietoevry for their effective partnership, noting that any challenges, malfunctions and demanding situations that occasionally arise have been swiftly resolved.

“In my opinion, we have a highly efficient partnership.”

Quality and Efficiency

In the future, Lahti’s early childhood education and care system will focus on teaching digital skills since their importance is growing, and staff must be prepared to teach them to children.

“We must also emphasize the teaching of digital safety and media literacy,” Ruusunen reminds us.

In Lahti, it’s believed that strong support and practical solutions will enhance the quality and efficiency of early childhood education and care, ultimately allowing for the better nurturing of future generations.

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