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Data Insiders – the Nordic data podcast

Join Data Insiders, the #1 Nordic data community, a powerful network of top professionals and visionaries of data-driven business.

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Data changes the world

– but does your company take full advantage of it?

Stay ahead of the data revolution with Data Insiders, the #1 Nordics Data Podcast! Data Insiders brings together experts to discuss the trends and phenomena around this hot topic in a way that's easy to understand and entertaining.

Learn the truth behind the hype and buzzwords and gain the knowledge and support you need to make your business data driven. Presented by Tietoevry. Tune in and join the data revolution with Data Insiders!

Pst. New episodes coming in the Spring.

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#11 Building trust in data
Leyla Akgez-Laakso from Finavia & Tiina Hietajärvi

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#8 Generative AI in work and life
Lukas Lundin from Microsoft

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#5 How does data fit into the CIO role
Kristiina Lammila from Ahlstrom-Munksjö

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#2 Cloud capabilities and legacy
Jonas Blomqvist from SAS

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#10 Architecting the real-time retail
Mikko Ollila from Kesko

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#7 Learning's from Allstate's conversational AI journey
Ajay Hiremath from Allstate

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#4 Link data governance to business development
Olof Granberg from ICA Gruppen

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#1 How to create a successful data strategy?
John Bottega from EDM Council

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#9 ESG, data and radical transparency
Kaisa Vainikka from UPM & Björn Heir

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#6 How data assets are set to fight environmental issues
Teppo Kuisma from Vaisala Xweather

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#3 How to develop AI applications that bring real benefit?
Miika Leminen from Helsinki University Hospital

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Our insights on data

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From resistance to resilience: Data management as a catalyst for strategic transformation

Leveraging sustainability data: From compliance to strategic business advantages


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