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Reinventing the world for good with our societal engagements

We believe that we can create lasting value by engaging with partners that develop societies and at the same time support our business strategy.

Improving digital equality in society

We believe the future lies in the youth of today and that technology is shaping this future. This is why we invest in young people, and help children and youth in less fortunate circumstances in some of our operating countries to advance
in their lives and avoid exclusion. We are also continuing to focus on improving digital equality in society.

We continue to focus on improving digital equality in society by strengthening digital competencies and skills among disadvantaged groups. Read more on our key societal engagements below.

Jonna Peltola

Head of Communications & Brand

Our partners

The Children and Youth Foundation

Tietoevry is committed to supporting and developing Futures School run by the Children and Youth Foundation. Futures School provides Finnish secondary schools with tools and learning materials to promote future-related education. Futures School's digital collaboration together with UPM was launched externally in March 2023 and there is more to come in 2024.

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The Swedish organization Friends has a vision of achieving zero victims of bullying. To combat bullying, Tietoevry has partnered with Friends and the University of Örebro to create what appears to be the first preventive anti-bullying tool in the world. While continuing the onboarding of pilot schools in Sweden, we've started to test the data-driven prevention tool in practice – with positive results.

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Startup Refugees

Startup Refugees is a non-profit organization that supports refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in employment, skills development and entrepreneurship in Finland. In 2023 we again organized a mentoring program where Tietoevry and Telia employees acted as mentors, and were paired with mentees via Startup Refugees based on shared competences and professional interests.

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Lila Poonawalla Foundation

The foundation supports academically outstanding and financially challenged girls with scholarships that allow them to pursue higher education. Our long partnership with the Lila Poonawalla Foundation goes beyond financial support for the girls’ education. We also engage with the foundation through employee volunteering, mentoring by leaders, providing industry exposure and supporting employment opportunities.

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Identity foundation

This charitable trust works with socio-economically challenged children in the city of Pune in India. We've supported Identity Foundation’s Mobile Learning and Infotainment Center (MLIC) buses since 2007. Children can receive literacy and life-skills education in the MLIC buses, which also serve as information facilities that provide access to positive entertainment and useful information.

Yuva Parivartan

We partner with this leading NGO in India to provide skills training to underprivileged youth from low-income neighborhoods in Pune and Bengaluru. We connect them with livelihood opportunities through vocational and capacity building initiatives.

We also collaborate with

Ramakrishna Mission Ashram – To provide various forms of social service activities for the welfare of Bastar tribals in Chhattisgarh, India. Swedish Chamber of India (SCCI) and the Finnish Chamber in India (Fincham) – To support NGOs in India in their efforts towards poverty alleviation through livelihood generation and female empowerment. Selected partners and NGOs in Ukraine.

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