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A day in the life at Tietoevry

Get an exclusive glimpse into the lives of our talented employees as they show you what a day in their life can look like. Be ready to be inspired!

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Curious about a day in the life at Tietoevry? Gain valuable insights into the tasks, projects, and experiences of our colleagues through an engaging series of videos. Step behind the scenes and witness firsthand what a typical working day at Tietoevry looks like, while also catching a glimpse of our diverse offices. Explore the range of skills and passions that drive our teams to thrive!

Recruitment Team

Ida Sirevaag - Tech Lead

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Lelde Saleniece - Learning and Development Specialist

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Ramy Faris - Scrum Master

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Sofia Kauppila - Product Manager

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Kate Brenson - UX Designer

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Edyta Budny - Junior DevOps

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Kateryna Panchenko - Business Analyst

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Meet our people

Are you interested in getting to know more of our fantastic colleagues? Dive in here and discover inspiring career stories from our colleagues across the globe!

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