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Kuopio’s Childcare Goes Digital: Simplicity, Benefits and Pedagogical Support

Tietoevry’s Edlevo solution has revolutionised processes and operations within the Finnish city of Kuopio’s early childhood education and care system.

Jakob Henriksson

Product Marketing for Education

Through innovative solutions, they have created a more streamlined daily routine, improved communication and substantial pedagogical support, benefiting both staff and guardians.

Many can relate to using various notes and paperwork to communicate between home and early childhood education and care, such as reporting daycare attendance or other matters. This was part of everyday life in the past, but Kuopio is moving towards fully digital solutions. The Finnish city is undergoing comprehensive organisational change around digitalisation, impacting childcare services.

“Online tools make routines easier for guardians and personnel,” explains Kuopio’s IT Coordinator, Jarmo Hallikainen.

Kuopio has been using Tietoevry’s systems for a long time in childcare services and is now transitioning towards the extensive adoption of the Edlevo platform. This versatile solution offers a range of functionalities, such as reporting care and vacation times and managing permission inquiries. It is also becoming the focal point for communication and information dissemination.

“After the transition, our entire customer information system will be in Edlevo,” says Mervi Tolvanen, Kuopio’s Application Specialist.

Several practical benefits

Combining the number of guardians and staff using Edlevo for childcare services in Kuopio totals more than 9,000 users. What practical benefits do these new solutions bring them? To begin with, they simplify daily routines.

“User-friendly systems allow guardians to easily apply for early childhood education and care spots and submit care times online. This reduces manual work and accelerates processes, saving time and resources,” explains Tolvanen.

Another significant benefit is increased communication, as Edlevo facilitates easy interaction between guardians and staff. Real-time sharing of updates, photos and current information fosters greater parental involvement in a child’s early education and care while establishing a more transparent flow of information.

A third crucial aspect is the enhancement of pedagogical support. Edlevo solutions make monitoring a child’s development straightforward, allowing staff to provide individual support as best as possible. Additionally, the significance of digital learning environments and tools should not be overlooked.

“Various teaching environments are already in use in schools, and tools for pre-school education have also been moved online. Currently, we are developing tools and environments for 3–5-year-olds. We want to leverage synergy benefits to the fullest,” explains Hallikainen.

Alongside the simplicity and efficiency, these new systems also increase cost-effectiveness. He adds, “We want secure and efficient solutions that work in everyday use and can be used for a long time. Given our constrained budgets, we’ve had to make careful choices.”

A giant leap forward

Kuopio’s objective is to provide professionals in the field of early childhood education with the best and most functional tools that support their work. The focus is collecting data and generating additional value for early childhood education and care through a data-centric approach. All development serves a purpose, and nothing is done without reason.

“Each new application must have a clear pedagogical or practical basis and be thoroughly tested before implementation. It’s also important that digitalisation doesn’t increase the workload or lead to employee redundancies,” says Tolvanen.

Comprehensive digitalisation throughout the organisation requires continuous development and careful planning. Tolvanen and Hallikainen agree that, despite occasional developmental challenges, collaboration with Tietoevry is proceeding smoothly.

In conclusion, Hallikainen expresses his confidence and pride in the project’s ongoing progress. He says, “We have taken a great leap forward, and I see many opportunities to improve the system further. Through collaboration, we can find the best solutions and ensure that the system serves the city and taxpayers in the best possible way.”

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