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Tietoevry’s three-year sustainability game plan delivered: solid sustainability performance through 2023 paves the way for ambitious targets ahead

Tietoevry’s Sustainability Report 2023 has been published today as part of the company's Annual Report.

29 February 2024

Prepared in accordance with GRI Standards, the sustainability report lays out the company’s sustainability strategy and related targets. It describes our efforts within the areas of climate action, ethical conduct and creating an exciting place to work. The report also concludes Tietoevry’s Sustainability Game Plan 2023: Upgrading tomorrow.

 “Our noteworthy sustainability achievements include reducing our environmental footprint and exceeding our climate-action targets. We have also made solid progress in the area of human rights, with a systematic and process-oriented approach,” says Ida Bohman Steenberg, Chief Sustainability Officer at Tietoevry. 

“In our game plan 2023 we explored an area called Impact Opportunities, where we investigated co-creating sustainability-driven projects with our customers. Working with customers in this way represents our biggest opportunity to make a sustainability impact. This cooperation has paved the way for Tietoevry to accelerate into a new sustainability plan,” she says. 

Progress in emission reduction, circular economy and social sustainability  

Among its sustainability highlights during 2021-2023, Tietoevry reports an aggregated reduction of 84% in carbon emissions in our own operations. The verification of the company’s 2022 commitments to Science Based Targets also represents a key milestone in Tietoevry’s environmental activities during 2021-2023. 

Renewable electricity in our data centers and offices globally accounts for 99% of our electricity consumption, with data center and office consolidations being the main contributors to this achievement. Tietoevry relocated to its Arenastaden premises in Sweden during 2022, and its Organica premises in the Czech Republic in 2023. Both locations are designed with a high focus on environmental efficiency and sustainability.  

In the area of circularity Tietoevry aimed for 100% reuse and recycling of hardware, with a focus on laptops and mobile phones. This figure rose from 70% to 93% for internal hardware between 2021 and 2023, and an impressive 86% to 98% for customer hardware. We are pleased with the progress, but acknowledge the need for continued acceleration in climate action.   

Tietoevry set the targets of achieving 40% female employees by 2026 and 50% by 2030. While challenges remain with the industry-wide availability of female candidates and our industry’s appeal to women, we reached 31% female representation within our organization during the three-year period.  

“Recognizing diversity as a priority, we have undertaken various initiatives to encourage girls and women to explore opportunities in the technology industry. Our gender-neutral recruitment structures and our ‘Being an IT girl’ guidebook are examples of this work. It’s imperative for Tietoevry to create solutions that serve the distinct needs of our different customers. Diverse teams play a key role in this,” says Bohman Steenberg. 

Looking ahead – work continues through updated ambitions and commitments 

Tietoevry continues to drive sustainable development in its own operations as well as through the value chain.  

 Tietoevry continues to drive sustainable development in its own operations, as well as through the value chain.  

“In the coming years, we are committed to further minimizing our environmental footprint through the value chain, and helping our customers do the same through the sound use of technology. We will soon introduce a new sustainability plan for Tietoevry, where we futureproof our operations and answer to the growing sustainability needs of our customers and society,” concludes Bohman Steenberg.  

Key ambitions and results 2023 in brief 

Ambition 1: To use 100% carbon-free electricity in own data centers and offices by 2023. 
Result 2023: Share of renewable electricity at 99%. 

Ambition 2: To cut 80% of our energy-related greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 and 2) during 2020-2023. 
Result 2023: 84% reduction achieved. 

Ambition 3: Equal representation of men and women in the company by 2030. 
Result 2023: 31% female representation., 

Ambition 4: To reuse and recycle 100% of hardware (in the current scope) by 2023, covering our own use as well as devices provided to customers.  

Result 2023: 93% of returned laptops used internally and 98% of returned customer devices either reused or recycled. 

Ambition 5: 90% of our employees to complete our ethics training (Code of Conduct training). 
Result 2023: 96% completion rate. 

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